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    what are rule words?

    Hi, my son and I are trying to do his homework. He needs seven rule words. Can you tell me what are rule words? Does it mean words with rule as a suffix maybe?

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    Re: what are rule words?

    I really have no idea what "rule words" are supposed to be.
    Just a guess: maybe your son is supposed to write seven words that come from the word 'rule'?
    In other words: rules, ruler, ruling, ruled, unruled, unruly, rulable, self-rule
    Or maybe your son's teacher wants synonyms for the word 'rule'...

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    Re: what are rule words?

    'Rule words' can mean words that are spelt the way they sound but have a rule that is applied to them, such as doubling a letter, like 'run' becoming 'running', or dropping a letter, 'like' losing the -e to become 'liking'.

    You'll find some details on this here:
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