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    the contrary

    I'd like to know the prefix which indicates the contrary such as : able unable, unforeseeable................

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    Re: the contrary

    There are a number of negative prefixes. Unfortunately, there aren't any easy rules for when to use which one. Here are the most common ones (each with an example):
    un- unreasonable
    im- impossible
    in- inappropriate
    ir- irregular
    il- illegal
    dis- dissatisfied

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    Re: the contrary

    Ig- ignoble

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    Re: the contrary

    a-: asymmetry, amoral
    [When the positive word starts with a vowel, this becomes an-: anęsthetic.]
    anti-: anticlockwise
    counter-: counter-revolutionary
    contra-: contradistinction

    There are probably more, but as Philly said, hers are the most common.


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