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    could you please help me? I need to know what an "in-mold substrate smart key" is. I found that the "smart key" is a car entry system (unlocks and starts the car with the key in your pocket). But what is "in-mold substrate"?

    Thank you very much.


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    Re: meaning

    Do not try to guess what it really means. Because for instance there are a variety of different kinds of SMART KEYS. Not only as you describe. Smart Key as Smart Phone or smth Smart means only that this device can 'make decisions' and/or perform rather complex functions which look like human ones. In other words this device let you free from doing something and even thinking about this and 'makes decision' to do this for you and 'does' this for you.

    Concerning in-mold substrate this can be a kind of surface covering for instance a decoration. May be this is a special surface which is the key itself. That means that the surface is controlled by a lock and the lock opens only if the surface is identified.

    Give me please the topic of the text and a part of the text around the words mentioned by you.

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    Re: meaning

    Innovative technologies included the in-mold substrate smart key, a stereo camera system and the world first electrict motor-driven variable cam timing. This is all I have
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    Re: meaning

    In this case I can't say anything more. The only way is to ask the company... They very often invent various names to promote their devices. So only them know what they mean For instance I remember SIPS - Side Impact Protection System. What it means? This was a protection beam inside car side doors to let passengers and driver survive in case of side impact. You see that it was impossible to find it out without the company producer

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