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    As the South Africans thumped the West Indies by 67 runs in
    their Super Eight fixture in Grenada, it was curtains for one man.

    Inarguably contemporary cricket's greatest batsman, Brian Lara now
    knows that the time has come for him to quit one-day cricket. For the
    show-stopper, the show is over.

    Please explain `show-stopper'.

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    Re: show-stopper

    Hi Gary,

    Obviously you follow cricket.

    Show-stopper is a performance or performer that evokes so much applause from the audience or spectators that the show or game is temporarily interrupted.
    Brian Lara is indeed a show-stopper and one of the world's best cricketers and top scorers.

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    Re: show-stopper

    That's what it means here. But it's interesting to note that in the IT world (maybe in AmE more generally) 'show-stopper' is often used with the opposite sense. I worked with software engineers who operated a scale of bug, ranging from the least important ("P5") to the most ("P1"). The worst bugs, bad enough to prevent a product from shipping, were "P1 - show-stopper". They stopped the show all right, but by being bad.


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