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    conjugated with do

    After certain verbs (bid, let, male, need, dare, see hear) we use the infinitive without to as :]
    Bid him go there.
    Let him sit here.
    I made him run.
    I heard him cry
    I saw him do it.
    [Except when they conjugated with do]

    The above piece is from my Grammar Book. Here I understood everything except [Except when they conjugated with do]. Could you explain what this mean?

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    Re: conjugated with do

    Hi Gary

    I don't really understand what your book is getting at either. Using 'do' or 'did' doesn't change them (i.e. I would not add the word 'to'):

    Let him sit here. --> Do (not) let him sit here.
    I made him run. --> I did (not) make him run.
    I heard him cry. --> I did (not) hear him cry.
    I saw him do it. --> I did (not) see him do it.

    (Bid him go there. --> Though it isn't wrong, I would never use this sentence.)

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