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    re-christened, rock note, corporate

    As Priyanka and Umer (re-christened Umesh after conversion to Hinduism) begin their new life on a rocky note, CNN-IBN show India 360 discussed these damning questions.

    On the panel of the show were Priyanka and Umer; Corporate Head FICCI, Ranu Kulshreshtha and her husband Asif Iqbal; Chief of Kashmir-based women’s group Dukhteran-e-Millat, Asiya Andrabi; and RSS member Ram Madhav.
    I know christian (i.e. religion), I could not find this meaning fit in my sentence.
    Please explain the all highlighted words.

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    Re: re-christened, rock note, corporate

    re-christened- given a new name
    rocky note- with problems
    damning question- a question that shows someone in a bad light
    Corporate Head- head of a big company

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