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    as etc.

    Dear teachers,

    I have seven questions to ask:

    _________ computers become cheap so the job of teh teacher will change from a giver of information to an adviser of students on how to use the new technology.
    a. As b. Because
    The key is 'a'. 'b' isn't correct because there is 'so' in ' so the job...'. Is that right?

    He felt honored to meet_________ Professor Wang.
    a. so accomplished a scholar as
    b. such an accomplished scholar like
    The key is 'a'. Is '' a phrase? And is the problem with 'b' is there isn't such a phrase ''? And if it is '' then it is correct.

    A new idea is first condemned as ridiculous, and then dismissed as trivial, __________ finally it becomes what everybody knows.
    a. until b. before
    The key is 'a'. No problem. Could you please kindly explain why 'b' isn't correct?

    Nowadays few people can remember not having radios.
    Does the sentence mean 'Many people remember they have radios'?

    If there is one main characteristic of the modern world that makes our lives different from _________ it is probably speed.
    a. that of our grandparents b. those of our grandparents
    The key is 'b'. Here 'those' means different times. Is that right? But I think 'a' is also correct because 'that' can refer to ' a world different from the modern world'. Is that right?

    Human beings can eat many diferent kinds of food, although some eat ____ plant foods and seeds.
    a. nothing but b. everything except
    The key is 'a'. No problem. 'b' seems also correct. Is that right?

    Please read the sentence :
    Look at the delight a one-or two-year-old takes in learning, and you see how powerful is the human will to learn. This is an inverted sentence. Then please read the following sentence:

    Some scientists think that trial-and-error methods help to show how intelligent _______.
    a. is an animal. b. an animal is.
    The key is 'b'. But I think 'a' is the same with my first sentence. Could you please explain why isn't it right?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you in advance.

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