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    [ESL Weblog] Talking About Routines - a handout

    just posted the following entry:

    Talking About Routines - a handout

    Getting your student or students to talk about their daily routines is a good way to introduce or review the simple present tense. For homework, you could get your students to describe a typical day in their life or that of their father, mother, or friend. They can start off using these examples, "I get at 7 am. I dress. I eat breakfast." Here's a questionnaire I give my students to get them to think about their daily routines.

    Click here to read the full article

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    Re: [ESL Weblog] Talking About Routines - a handout

    Thanx Tdol..

    I love the way starting with q.s to make it easier for students to form sentences, then they can join btw them using connecting words to write a paragraph.

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