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    Unhappy Uncountable nouns exceptions

    Hello, I hope you can help me, Im studing the criteria to detect if a word is a noun or not, one of the criteria is the inflectional one, that says that a noun will take the inflecion (s) for plural and the inflecion (s) for possession. Ive been taught that there are plenty of exceptions. where uncountable nouns can use the s for plural, like the expression (to be in deep waters) water is uncountable but in this case it takes the s, another exception is about the possessive, where inanimate nouns can not take possessive, but there are also exceptions like ( the countrys officials)... Im not native and for me is kind of difficult to know what these exceptions are. I have a test and the teacher promised to evaluate tricky expressions. about uncountable nouns that take plurals and inanimate nouns that take possessive. Can you help me???? are there any exceptions that you know. Id be very pleased...

    thanks in advance,
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    Re: Uncountable nouns exceptions

    Many nouns, like your example, can be both uncountable and countable, depending on the context, so the dictionary label is not an absolute, but a guideline to the general pattern. With the possessive, there is nothing to stop an inanimate noun from having a possessive form.

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