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    Single Spoke And Sub_header

    How can you narrow your topic to a single spoke or to a sub-header spoke on a map? How does this type of prewritting activity prepare you for outlining?

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    Re: Single Spoke And Sub_header

    Welcome, melissap1889.

    The answer you're looking for is here:

    Could you do me a slight favor and tell me how I can contact your course instructor? I would like to send that person the information that you and countless...countless others have come here looking for.

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    Re: Single Spoke And Sub_header

    MELISSAP 1889,
    Are you taking com 120? If you are I am having the same problem. I am wondering if they just made this up or what. I still have no answer.
    I can not even figure out what it is they want for the mapping template.


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