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    Time never goes back

    Once upon a time, a teacher and his student were lying down under a big tree near a big field of grass when the student asked the teacher, shockedStudent: Teacher, I'm confused, how can one find their soul-mate? Can you please help me?Teacher: (Silent for a few seconds, then he answered) Well, that's a pretty hard and easy question.Student: (Thinking hard) Huh???Teacher: Look in that direction, there is a lot of grass there, why don't you walk through there, but please don't walk backwards, just walk straight ahead. On your way, try to find one beautiful grass and pick it up then give it to me. You can only pick one.Student: Well, ok then...... (he walked straight ahead through the grass field). A few minutes later...Student: I'm back. Teacher: Em, well I don't see any beautiful grass in your hands.Student: On my journey, I found quite a few pieces of beautiful grass, but I thought that I would find a better one if I kept on walking ahead, so I didn't pick any up. Then I realized that I had reached the end of the field, and I hadn't picked up any... and since you told me not to go back, I didn't...Teacher: That's what happens in real life.What is the message of this story? * Grass - is people around you * Beautiful Grass - is the people that attract you* Grass Field - is time In looking for your soul mate, please don't always compare and hope that there will be a better one. By doing that, you'll waste your lifetime, because remember that "Time Never Goes Back". The same applies in finding your ideal life partner, or your suitable career or business, therefore the moral is LOVE & grab hold of the opportunity that you have now, don't waste time! There Can Be Only One

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    Smile Re: Time never goes back

    very interesting and informative its was a pleasure to read

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    it is very beautiful

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    Re: Time never goes back


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    Post Re: Time never goes back

    Good Morning to thee,

    Your short story was quite moving for me to read.

    You truely are a very talented soul set upon this earth,

    May the Lord keep you safe my friend,

    Best wishes fly to thee,

    Jackalina the Wise

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    Re: Time never goes back

    I have also found another interpretation to this story:

    People stretch themselves for more, always wanting more, never beeing satisfied with what they already have. They believe that the grass is greener on the other side, and want to have it so as to eclipse their neighbour. On the way, they forget to live. Life is slipping by, while they are busy gathering stuff and competing for status which, rock bottom, doesn't really make them happy. They pretend they're happy, and live in a total lie.
    This is an extended parable with a moral which, just like you said, would be: be happy with what you already have, and enjoy the little things in life. Right?
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    Re: Time never goes back

    An impressive story.Thank you for it.

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    Re: Time never goes back

    nice title and amazing story

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    Re: Time never goes back

    Do the Author of this story had the experience on this?

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    Re: Time never goes back

    Allow me to intrude into this wise topic and on all the wise people particularly Jackalina the Wise. Allow me to be a bit unwise and go the student’s way.

    But suppose I were wise and picked the first beautiful blade of grass and then on my way further I found many much more beautiful blades I would certainly regret what I did and blame myself for not waiting. In addition I wouldn't be overjoyed with what I chose and dissatisfaction means the blade of grass in my hand wouldn't be happy either. It would be a lie if I said: I would be basicallly content with my lot. Our life is indeed based on (wise) lies. Life might offer more opportunities if you wait but waiting can mean risking everything. Life is a gamble, no risk no fun. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush? No, my human nature says two in the bush are better than one in the hand. So I am not that possessive but I don't want to rationalse either. Let me come back empty-handed. True lost oppotunities never come back but there is hope in waiting.
    Please forgive me.
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