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Thread: in (the) region

  1. mimi786

    in (the) region

    "my personal observations during my stay in (the) Tanga Region"
    "I spent two months in (the) Tanga Region"
    "the ranch is situated in (the) Tanga Region"
    "some key events in the history of (the) Tanga Region"

    >im not sure if I have to use the article "the" or not. for me it sounds much better without.
    >is region in this context written with a capital letter or not?

    note: Tanga is one of the 26 regions of Tanzania, ie an administrative unit.

    thanx for your help!

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    Re: in (the) region

    First, when you were there, how did the people refer to it? Second, based on what I could find, both Tanga Region and the Tanga Region are used, but the second one tends to be used when referring to a specific place within the Tanga Region.

    All the best.

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