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Thread: question tag

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    question tag

    hi teacher
    I have to know about question tag .thanks

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    Re: question tag

    Quote Originally Posted by Helia View Post
    hi teacher
    I have to know about question tag .thanks


    What would you like to know about question tags ? This is a large topic.
    Let me give you some examples of question tags:

    1. Nobody knows the answers, do they?
    2. Kate will be here soon, won`t she?
    3. I am about to make a mistake, aren`t I?
    4. Let`s go to the movie tonight, shall we?
    5. Open the window please, will you?
    6. They have never been there, have they?
    7. She`s having a shower at the moment, isn`t she?
    8. He has got a new job, hasn`t he?
    9. We have the opportunity of travelling a lot, don`t we?
    10. Nothing can be done, can it?

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