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    What is single spoke?

    I'm writing a persuasive essay for my class and the teacher has asked to answer the following question:
    How can narrow your topic to a single spoke or to a sub-header of a spoke?
    But I don't know what a single spoke means? Please help.

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    Re: What is single spoke?

    Think of yourself as being on the edge of bicycle wheel. You want to get to the hub. There are many ways to get there, lots of different 'spokes' all lead to the same result, but you could start from lots of different points.

    The whole essay might be headed 'Ways to become rich'. On the perimeter of the wheel you are ordinary. You want to reach your central target (becoming rich). There are many ways to do this. One subheading might be 'Marry one of George Bush's daughters'. Another might be 'Rob a bank'. Another might be 'invent nuclear cold fusion', or maybe just be 'work very very hard'. There are many ways to become rich.

    A single spoke is just one of many ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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