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    A question of grammar

    Am I the only one bothered by such phrases as:
    "Where you at?"
    "If I would've known..."
    "Grammar school"
    just to name a few that I hear quite a lot.

    I would have said:
    "Where are you?"
    "If I had known..."
    "Elementary school" (to my knowledge there is no such thing as a school for grammar)

    Am I wrong about this??? Or, is correct grammar a thing of the past?

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    Re: A question of grammar

    Hello, ladyinthemists.

    "Where you at?"
    => That one can be account for by phonetics. The missing verb are, when contracted (are => 're) is hard to pronounce after "Where" (Where're), so it's often either half pronounced and barely audible, or it's omitted altogether. We kind of know it's there though - I think.

    The problem some people might have with "Where you at?" isn't the missing verb, but rather the fact that it ends with a preposition, "at".

    "If I would've known..."
    => You know, I'd say, "If I had have known.

    "Grammar school"
    => Isn't it synonymous with elementary school? Well, maybe not in the USA.

    All the best.

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