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    Red face school subjects


    What are called the subjects which students study at Secondary school (vocational school ) in order to become cooks (1), waiters (2) or hotel receptionists/ secretaries (3)?

    1) Cooking ( so they have cooking class?) , 2) restaurant and bar management? ( so they have restaurant and bar management class? , 3) Hotel management or Reception (so they have hotel management class, or reception class)?

    What is this kind of vocational school called?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: school subjects

    Hi Ripley

    I know there are schools referred to as 'culinary institutes/schools' (cooking) and also vocational schools for 'tourism and hotel management'.

    You'll also find names such as "Hotel & Restaurant Management" and "Hospitality & Restaurant Management" for departments within a university.

    The names of the specific courses will vary depending on what is covered, of course. I mean, if you want to get a degree in "Hotel & Restaurant Management", then you'll have to take various management-related courses, probably some accounting courses, possibly coursework in inventory control, etc.

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