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    Please your help for this Statement of Purpose :(

    Hello there,

    I am asked to write a Statement of Purpose because I am applying for being a teacher at the college I studied at. As it's shown below, please if you have any additional idea to add, or anything to comment on or change, kindly state your opinion. It's really crucial.

    My academic career with English has started off since the first grade at Conta schools, where I accomplished my intermediate and high school degree. Afterwards, I joined the department of English at Conta College; after successfully passing the interview and the written exam. During the four years that I spent at the above mentioned college, I gained absolute experiences with English as I have become part of an English environment, where the mere English language is officially practiced amongst pupils and staff. Within that time, I made my decision at the third year of my study to go to Canada and study English for some reasons: First, to live with a real English environment and be in touch with native English speakers, which will certainly help me improving my language especially in Speaking and break the barrier of bashfulness. Secondly, to learn about the culture of the native speakers of English by experiencing their different styles of life and then applying them practically.

    Because of my great desire of really acquiring what I am aiming to, I have become acquainted with different branches of the language such as Literature, Linguistics, Translation, and so on. Amongst those branches, and many other ones of the language, I verily loved Linguistics with its ramified branches. Thatís because I have gone through some mandatory courses at the college and carried out high scores in the sub-fields of Linguistics like Phonetics, Semantics, Syntax and etc. Going deeper in English has paved the way to me to get to know the root of English very good as well as the way I understood the function of Linguistics. Besides, there is a proverb says "No gains without pains." Hence, I made that proverb my main aim, not only in the above-specified goal of my academic career, but also in the whole life. Therefore, I decided not to make the college my final step with English, but it should be my first future-step to the challenging world of English. That's to say, I am looking forward to moving further in that field as I am very fervent in going to the bottommost part of it. On other words, I never have any reservations in going beyond what is required and add something that might be of great benefit.

    Summing up, I hope that I will be very helpful addition and meet your expectations by taking on any enterprise thatís assigned to me. Finally, it would be of my extreme pleasure to join the cadre of education in the Department of English and be a successful supplement to your well-educated staff.

    I'll be grateful for you.

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    Re: Please your help for this Statement of Purpose :(

    Tdol, or any expert please I am still waiting :(

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