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    english english

    hi there.
    maybe you could help me.
    i am writing my graduation work about english accents and i cannot find them well described on the Net.
    could you help me transcript this using IPA?
    i would be really grateful

    from COLLECT BRITAIN - Putting history in place
    about staffordshire accent:


    definite article occasionally ģ [?]; definite article + V ģ [D] (the other [DUD@] girl); H-dropping; Yorkshire assimilation (I were too forward for them [fQ:[email protected] fQr/ @m])

    PRICE [a: ~ a:I > A:]; MOUTH [a: ~ aU]; GOAT [OU]; START [a: > A:]; STRUT [U]; BATH [a]

    <-ook> ģ [u:k]; <gl-> ģ [dl]; <-ng#> ģ [Ng]

    note also our [aU@], cloths [klQDz], because [bIkQs], always [Q:[email protected]], one [wQn] and once [wUns], schoolmaster [sk}], couldnít [kUdn@], donít [dUn@ ~ do:nt], half [a:f], teemed [tEmd], didnít [dIn@], whatín-you-may-call-it [wQtnIkQt]

    could you help me figure out this text using International Phonetic Alphabet?

    thank you in advance

    if you can, i'll come back with one more.
    eventual answer please send on EMAIL REMOVED - Send PM to This User Instead


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    Smile Re: english english

    Alsalam alekom( peace be upon you ).
    if you need any chart in phonetucs or any advice mail me on EMAIL REMOVED - Send PM to This User Instead
    I can bring you with all data you may need

    thank you . Mohammed said Kamel
    An Instructor at Helwa Unversity
    Cairo, Egypt

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    Re: english english

    thank you.
    i'got only IPA chart and as a matter of fact this is all i need for in my country it is the only respected phonetic symbols alphabet.
    but yes, i need help - just like i said - i need to transcript that text above using IPA.
    i cannot send you a PM, cause i'm a noobie here and i have to write at least 10 posts to be able to do this.

    like for example - what does it mean?
    [a: ~ a:I > A:]
    i assume it's sth like
    /a: - ai > ??/
    what does capital A: stand for in IPA?
    and so on.
    could you, or anyone else here help me, please?

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