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    Smile How To Express My Idea Without Your Misunderstood ?

    I myself have a difficult question that I want to ask you,of course, if u don't mind my asking.
    so, I am not confident in myself when speakinh enghish. And the most important reason, I found, that is I am not sure whether they misunderstood me or not. It caused lots of trouble to me. SO, I apreciate if u can help me out of this trouble?

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    Re: How To Express My Idea Without Your Misunderstood ?

    When you're talking to someone, try to watch their face to see if they understand. If you think they might not, try 'reformulating', which is saying the same thing in deifferent words. And ask them; if they are trying to understand you, then they should answer honestly. Don't be shy about asking this.

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