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    Exclamation Evaluating proposal (FCE)

    Could you please check my report for FCE exam? Thank you very much!!!

    Your school has recently been given a large sum of money to spend on either a new library or a cafeteria. You have been asked to write a report for your school director, describing the advantages of each plan. Say which one you think should be chosen, and why.

    To: Mr. White
    From: Peter Petrov
    Date: 16 June 2007
    Subject: New facility: Library or Cafeteria?

    The purpose of this report is to recommend which facility would be most beneficial to the school.

    Benefits of a library
    This would offer the following advantages:
    • It would enable all students to borrow a variety of books from the library and would help them do homework.
    • Authors, writers, journalists could be invited to the library to discus different topics with the students.
    • Meetings, clubs and other activities could be held in the library

    Benefits of a cafeteria
    This would provide the following benefits:
    • The students could have meal in the school instead of leaving for other places to eat.
    • A variety of food and beverages could be served during all terms.
    • It would also provide more job opportunities for some students, as they could be employed as temporary staff.

    Although the cafeteria could offer some benefits, a large amount of money would require to provide it with all the necessary supplies. Furthermore, visitors of the cafeteria would make a lot of noise, which would not be acceptable due to its close location to classrooms. In my opinion, the school should build a new library, because it would make books freely available for the students, and meetings with interesting people would appeal to them.

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    Re: Evaluating proposal (FCE)

    could have meal
    during all terms- this doesn't seem to be much of a point to me
    visitors of

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