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    Arrow How i make my english good?

    Hello :Sir
    glad to asking some questions
    Sir i want to know how i make my english as 1st language? give any ideas and examples.
    and how i speak english with correct words?
    thanking u : i am waiting for ur reply.

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    Re: How i make my english good?

    Welcome, Faraaan.

    If you want to speak a language fluenty, you're going to have to start speaking it - as much as you can. To meet your goal, you will need a minimum of two things: (1) opportunity and (2) exposure. If you do not live or work in an English speaking community, you'll have to make do with what is available to you. Try a language class; try language exchange; watch English DVDs; read more; listen to music, and, above all, find the time to use what you are learning.

    All the best.

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