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    Angry Plz help edit my paragraph

    topic: with the help of technology, students can learn more information and learn it faster

    Nowadays, technology is the most important and essential part for economic growth, country development and our everyday life. With the help of technology, we can deal with many difficult tasks easily, and most of our jobs are done faster and efficiently; especially our living becomes more and more convenient. Obviously, technology is also necessarily used in education as well. Through the use of Computer, Internet and many different kinds of technological equipments or devices, Students have more abilities to gather and keep information and harness it effectively. Indeed, students can get more information and learn it faster because of several technological products or discoveries.


    The most beneficial discovery for the last decade that strongly pushes student to get more information and learn it faster is the Internet. Internet, which most people consider as the E-libraries and the source of information, provides students with many different advantages. Students can get more resources or handouts, study E-learning course, practice a thousand of online exercises and send or share documents. With these achievements, Students have more opportunities to know everything they want by just a simple click instead of looking for different books. For example, if having assignment, they do not need to spend much time looking for books relating to their assignment in the library or elsewhere. Simply they just spend two or three hours with internet searching what they want. With the use of internet, the abilities to learn and understand things are faster than without internet.
    Technological products such as Computer, PDA, Mobile phone, Electronic Dictionary Tape Recorder, Digital Camera… so on, can also speed up students learning as well. These products can help us to store, edit, copy, delete and record information or activities in class and we can keep it for long time without being fragile. For instance, students can use tape or MP3 recorder to record lecturer presentation or activities and they can use this. For instance, they can use PDA or Mobile phone or Electronic Dictionary to look up difficult words. Without this technology,

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    Re: Plz help edit my paragraph

    The introduction is not dealing with the question. The question limits the topic to students, so I would recommend not starting with a general technological discussion; get straight to the topic of the question.

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    Re: Plz help edit my paragraph

    in a essay you do not need to write "introduction","body" such thing like that. but you need to discuss the question. what are you going to talk about,and i think you need to have a conclusion in your essay. your english is quite good i think so i think the thing you need to do is to consider how to correct the essay. you may search on the internet and find out what shoud be in a essay.

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