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    are there any instances where we use another construction to express purpose other than the use of infinitive?
    e.g.He's here to complete the job.
    'to' here is a particle right? [it's a part of the infinitive construction that creates the whole infinitival clause which functions as an adverbial expressing purpose. right?]
    - can we use 'to' as a preposition but still functions adverbially to express purpose?
    - it's always confusing, for me, when to use 'to' as a preposition (to + gerund). is there any easy way to know when to use a gerund and when to use an infinitive?

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    Re: infinitive

    You could use 'in order to' or 'so that'.
    It's a particle here, though some call it 'infinitive marker'. I know of no easy way to decide when it it to + gerund, though when you have two particles after a verb (look forward to) then it is a gerund. If you can replace the gerund with a noun or pronoun is one way of testing- he objected to my coming late/he objected to it. You can't say he's here to it in your example.

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