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    Forms and function

    Hi! I need parsing some sentences and I am not sure if they are correct
    this is my first post here, I need someone tell me if what I am doing is correct or not, because I have a test and a homework of parsing sentences according to form and function,please someone who could help me

    - Form Classes: noun(N),verb(V),adjective(Aj),adverb(Av), Noun Phrase(NP), Verb Phrase(VP),Adjetive phrase(AjP), Adverb phrase(AvP),genitive phrase(GP),and Preposiotional phrase(PP).

    - Function classes: subject(S), predicator(P), Object(O),Advervial(A), Complement(C), Modifiers(M), Head(H), auxiliaries(Aux), Main Verb(Mv), preposition
    [S(MAunt HGladys)P(Auxhas Mvseemed)C(Mrather Hgrumpy)A(Mjust Hrecently)]

    1._ Jack will kill the giant

    1a._ [(Jack)(will kill)(the giant)]

    1b._ [NP(NJack)VP(vwill Vkill)NP(dthe Ngiant)] FORM

    1c._ [S(HJack)P(Auxwill Mvkill)Od(Mthe Hgiant)] FUNCTION

    Mmmhhh something like this...

    2._I don't speak English very well (this is my case xD)
    3._This cup has been broken
    4._They will have been found by now
    5._He has a lot of work
    6._Mary bought a new dress yesterday
    7._She drove her car to the Airport the las week

    If someone has more of this type of subject that says to me please

    Thank you

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    Re: Forms and function

    Welcome, kotenok.

    They look very good. One question. What does small v stand for in 1b? (It wasn't listed above.)

    1b._ [NP(NJack)VP(vwill Vkill)NP(dthe Ngiant)] FORM

    All the best.

    Please note that, we do not do homework assigments for you, but if you are having problems, we will try our best to guide you through.

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    Re: Forms and function

    thanks... I did my homework but I just want know if is right or not xD
    the little v is like the Aux in Function but you have to put in this way for Form

    Bye bye

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