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    Would somebody please comments my English?

    Dear Sir,

    My name is ___ ___ , a PhD candidate from ___________. I am working on the quality of information in pharmaceutical promotion for my PhD thesis. I am aware of a recent article and discussions on issues in pharmaceutical promotion published in your newspaper. I am very interested to response to the issues as they are related to my research. As this is the first time for me writing to your newspaper, I would be very appreciated if you can provide me with details requirements for a letter and article such as number of words needed.

    I have prepared a letter with 594 words. As the letter is based on evidence from studies, I believe it is good to provide it with related references. I am not too sure if you do normally publish references. If you do publish, what type of referencing system do you prefer?

    Due to the current public awareness about issues in pharmaceutical promotion, I am also interested in regularly writing articles on those issues in your newspaper. If the article is published in your newspaper, does the author receive any honorarium?

    Sincerely yours,

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    Re: Letter_newspaper

    to response- in responding
    for me writing- to write / this is the first time I have written
    very appreciated if you can- grateful...could
    details requirements- details of

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    Re: Letter_newspaper

    Thanks Tdol,


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