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    herbert spencers sociology

    Mr. Spencerís work starts from a new vantage ground. The speculative doctrine of Evolution was implicitly allowed in regard to social facts, when not thought of anywhere else; and as it is now formulated with precision, it is in a better state for being applied anew to human history. Again, the accumulation of observations respecting the earlier stages of man, and respecting the inferior races, has provided an immensely enlarged inductive basis for the laws of social evolution. On this basis various theorists have already established a number of remarkably luminous inductions

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    Re: herbert spencers sociology

    What's the problem? Is it perhaps the meaning of the word 'luminous' in this context? It means 'such as may cast light/make clear/explain/give insight'.


    PS This meaning is no longer current. The text is presumably Victorian. A modern critic would have written "Spencer's work..." or "Herbert Spencer's work...", not "Mr ...".
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