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    meets vs fills my needs

    Hi, I'm wondering whether you can help.
    I've come across this exercise where you need to complete the sentence with the correct option:
    Itīs only a small flat but it ................ my needs perfectly.
    a. settles b. meets c. supplies d. fills
    The answer key gives "meets" as the only correct answer. However, one of the entries for "fill" in my dictionary gives the following definition: to meet satisfactorily, as requirements, e.g.This book fills a great need. So, obviously, I can't see why "fills" is not possible in the context of the exercise.

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    Re: meets vs fills my needs

    Great question. To me, fill houses two meanings at the same time: satisfy and supply, whereas meet houses just the one meaning, satisfy.

    The flat satisfies my needs.
    The flat meets my needs.
    The flat fills a need.
    The book fills a need.

    Hope that helps.

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