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    just three sentences from "Lost"

    Hi there!

    1. I hear that you've lost your appetite. - how does "I hear" differ from "I heard" or "I've heard" ?

    2. My god Rose, they've buit a kitchen on the beach! - I'm just curious about the use of present pferfect here... Is it used here because it implies something like "There is a kitchen on the beach" ? or just because it is a recent news/event? Could I simply say "They built a kitchen..." ?

    3. They've given up VS "They gave up" - in my understanding present perfect is used here because it's somehow connects the past with the present (?) It's like... "They don't want to do anything" (to be rescued) Am I right? Because if we say "They gave up" it would be more like in the past... "They gave up" (yesterday, for example) but today they regained their hope... Correct or not?

    Best wishes!

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    Re: just three sentences from "Lost"

    1 In practical terms, not much, but the present suggests to me that this information could have come from a few sources.
    2 I think that the most important factor is that it's news. It must be there, otherwise the past would be used, but the 'My God' suggests that this is some sort of surprising news.
    3 Correct

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