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Thread: soem counfusing

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    soem counfusing

    Sir good morning
    Your are so be always kind for me.Thank you
    Sir I am in some confusing and I want to clear it
    Firefighters has had a hard time putting out a big fire near,Boulder, colorado.
    Sir above the sentence I have some confused:
    firs first have came rules of perfect tence but wih use had why and what meening show.
    2. putting out in this phrasel verb use with ing why becase not coming behind Any axualary are we have use infinative . can you explaine to me that with clearly.
    I will be very thankful to you for this purpose.
    see you next at good time

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    Re: soem counfusing

    Firefighters have had a hard time putting out a big fire near,Boulder, Colorado.- This suggests that the fire is not out yet.


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