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Thread: Class Project

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    Class Project

    Hi All,

    Im having trouble coming up with a good class project for my Intermediate adult esl class!!!

    Recently, I have taken them to the museum - after which they had to write a review; debates; internet webquests...

    But now I am stumped as to what to do..

    Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

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    Re: Class Project

    When I was teaching ESL in Canada, some years back, I had my students go on an information treasure hunt. They were placed in teams and given a list of things to do in the downtown area where our school was located; e.g., travel agency, bookstore, dry cleaners, transit information, florist shop, restaurants, and so on. A listed item read like this,

    [1] You lost a button on your suit jacket, find out where you can get a new one, how much it will cost, and how long it will take.

    The team with the best deals (money & time) won the game.

    The objectives were as follows: (i) use English in authentic situations, (ii) be able to communicate wants and needs effectively, and (iii) gain experience and confidence outside the ESL classroom.

    Another project: In one of the malls downtown there was, at the time, a public speaking corner, where anyone could stand up and talk about anything. Some people read poetry, others complained about this and that, and some others told jokes. I booked the corner for my class, at lunch time, a very crowded time, and the students volunteered to speak, in public, on a topic of their choice. They had 5 minutes each - a long time if you're speaking in public. It was fun, exciting, and enjoyed by all.

    All the best.

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