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    Smile Verbs

    My daughter does not understand the difference between a finite and a infinite/non finite verb. Please can you give a few of example of each and perhaps a worksheet compromising of the various verbs. Thank you

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    Re: Verbs

    Welcome, wendy007.

    Finite verbs change form, whereas non-finite verbs do not. Here are some examples. The underlined verbs are finite:

    Ex: I have to go; I had to go.
    Ex: She has to go; She had to go.

    Here's a fabulous description: Verb forms and finiteness in English

    All the best.

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    Re: Verbs

    Practice exercises:

    Easy: Exercise on Finite and Nonfinite Verbs @ The Internet Grammar of English
    Advanced:Verb exercises

    This chapter on notes on the exercises to chapter 3 might be helpful: Exercises: Chapter 3

    All the best.

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