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    Question Tefl help


    I have recently started a Tefl course with the hopes of becomming a teacher. However, one of the homeworks I have been set for my coursework is proving to be very tricky.

    I have to prepare an informal questionnaire to use to interview a foreign learner - whose ability level I do not know. This is to establish the learners needs, motivation, strengths and weakness. Also any relevant cultural background that may affect their learning. I am also to find out what their perceptions of their needs are, and what language functions the student may need.

    I am at a complete loss as to what questions to ask - and seem to be having a mind block!!

    If anybody could help with some suggestions, or ideas I would be so grateful. I have searched the web high and low for inspiration but am getting nothing.

    Thanks and take care.


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    Re: Tefl help

    Welcome, kirky.

    We do not do homework assignments, but we will guide you through the best we can.

    Do you speak a language other than English? If so (or if not, pick a language you always wanted to learn) imagine you are a student undergoing the interview. What questions would you expect to be asked? For example, why are you learning the language, business, pleasure, or survival? What is motivating you to attend classes, your company, your hobby, your immigration status? What are your strengths and weaknesses as both a language learner and a student? Could you get by in your second language, and how well? Would you say you're a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced student? What do you think you should know at each of those levels? (If you're not sure, take a look at how grammar books structure their topics for each of those levels.) Lastly, culture. Will cultural differences have an impact on your learning? If so, how and why? (Remember, you're living and studying in a foreign country.)

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Tefl help

    U R a star!!

    Thank you very much for your ideas, it helped lots and hopefully I have now got it sorted!! It just all seems so daunting when ur trying to work full time and do all the classes, a get mind blocks!!

    Thanks again and take care


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