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    Question Indent after blockquote?

    Hi, is it correct to indent the end of a paragraph that starts just after the block quote?
    In other words; I thought you only indent when you start a new paragraph? But if the block quote is part of the paragraph, then should the text after the bock be indented? I would think not because the block belongs to the paragraph.


    …... King explains the traumatic story by further saying:
    I crawled to the back of the closet, Mom’s coats and dresses brushing along my back. I began to belch—long loud belches that burned like fire. I don’t remember being sick to my stomach but I must have been, because when I opened my mouth to let out another burning belch, I yarked again instead, All over my mother’s shoes. (King; On Writing 7-8)
    Indent? ->In King’s Novel Carrie, he uses the closet as a place where his main character Carrie White is subject to punishment—in the same manner that the closet was used as punishment in his own childhood. Through out the…

    The reason I'm aking is becouse a student in my class said that the line that begins with, "In king's Novel... should be indented." But I dont' know becouse it was not a new paragraph, or should it be? In other words, the block quote belongs to what I'm talking about in the text after it.

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    Re: Indent after blockquote?

    Never mind, I found it in my Hodges handbook.
    I diden't see it at first but it shows it as not being indented.
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