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    Question How to improve reading speed

    I find it is difficult to improve students' reading speed in English, while effective reading is achieved. When students are asked to read the passage or a book within a period of time, some have difficulty in finishing reading, or can not get the general idea, organize the main ideas themselves. So I wonder what factors influence the reading speed and how to overcome these problems. And what methods can be adopted in teaching and learning reading to improve the reading speed.

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    Re: How to improve reading speed

    Often this is because they try to understand everything, while ore confident readers will bounce over words they don't understand, so developing the confidence to read without understanding everything is a good idea. Get them to look for specific items of information, get them to do things like look for numbers, words with capital letters, which often carry key information and that might help themdevelop their confidence. Test them against the clock and see how much they can read, even if they don't finish.

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    Re: How to improve reading speed

    dear teacher:

    Let me tell you that i am a to be teacher and that i have a class where we are studing reading rates. there are some activities that we can use for increasing reading, and you can find them on the web just write activities to increase reading rates and im sure youll find something.



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