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    Question Adjectives "Good" and "Well"

    Dear Forum Teachers and Friends,

    I have just registered on this day. I was so impressed for what I have read on the forum. I have also some questions, and hopefuly on this forum I could get some helps.

    Could you tell me, how are these (below) adjectives used in the sentences?


    The dinner smells good.
    The project is going well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Adjectives "Good" and "Well"

    Welcome, alv.

    I'll politely disagree with user_gary.

    Good or Well?
    Good is an adjective, so you do not do good or live good, but you do well and live well. Remember, though, that an adjective follows sense-verbs and be-verbs, so you also feel good, look good, smell good, are good, have been good, etc.
    Confusion can occur because well can function either as an adverb or an adjective. When well is used as an adjective, it means "not sick" or "in good health." For this specific sense of well, it's OK to say you feel well or are well -- for example, after recovering from an illness. When not used in this health-related sense, however, well functions as an adverb; for example, "I did well on my exam."
    Source: OWL at Purdue University: Adjective or Adverb?

    All the best.


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