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    Post Mindfulness of Breathing

    Dear Friends & Teacher
    i want to make an assignment about Mindfulness of Breathing(1500-2000)
    essay should include the following:
    1.what is the importance of breath?
    2.what is"mindfulness of breathing"?
    3.why do we have to be mindful?
    4.what are benefits of mind fulness?what are the dangers of "not been mindfull" will you develop the practice of mindfulness of breathing?

    if u can please help me


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    Re: Mindfulness of Breathing

    We do not do assignments here.

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    Re: Mindfulness of Breathing

    ok sorry

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    Re: Mindfulness of Breathing

    Try your best to do that and post your answers here so that the experts will just try to suggest their opinions

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    Re: Mindfulness of Breathing

    Playagain, just to be clear, we do not do or help with "assignments" at all. (If we did, students would receive a grade for our work, not theirs.) If you see a post that states the words, assignment, homework, test, or exam do not reply. Let Tdol or one of the moderator handle it first.

    All the best.

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