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    how & where do you put initials in letters

    wondering about signing letters for your boss...

    i put my boss's initials in capitals at the end of the letter under her name with my initials in lower case afterwards... XXX:xx

    i thought that this was sufficeint for the signature as well but she wants me to put a small slash after her name with my initials as well because she says the other initially only indicates that she didn't type the letter...

    i'm confused...who would expect that any professional would ever do their own letter writing?

    please let me know at [email protected]


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    Re: how & where do you put initials in letters

    At the end of the letter:

    yours sincerely/faithfully

    [you sign here]

    pp Jane Doe
    Marketing Director

    It is not normal to put your name anywhere apart from actuallly signing the letter.

    At the start of the letter, you may need a reference, which could take the form ref: JD/bb {standing for Jane Doe / brenda bee}.

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    Re: how & where do you put initials in letters


    is the typist's initials; you put the signatory of the letter in caps, followed by a slash, and your own initials in lower case letters.

    If you have actually signed your boss' name on the letter, then you would draw a small slash after his or her name and then sign your initials. If the boss signs the letter herself, then you don't add the handwritten slash/initials.

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