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    Question 3 ways to introduce a Quotation

    I have to present three ways to introduce a quotation. I am to present my classmates with a definition; the three that I have are: 1. Signal Phrase 2. Formal Introduction 3. Blended quote. I know what the definition is for a signal phrase however I can grab a hold on the definition for a formal introduction and a blended quote. Your help is greatly appreciated

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    Re: 3 ways to introduce a Quotation

    Welcome, seemah81.

    Have a look here. Scroll down to where it says, PUNCTUATION OPTIONS IN THE INTRODUCTION OF A QUOTATION
    Following a word or word group that introduces a quotation, a writer may choose one of three possible punctuation options: a colon, a comma, or no punctuation at all. Which to use often depends upon the context of the entire sentence and/or the writer's feelings.

    If you have questions, let us know.

    All the best.

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