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    Proper use of "Complain" and "Complaint"

    Is it CORRECT to say, "COMPLAINS about the unnecessary noise" OR "COMPLAINTS about the unnecessary noise"?????

    Again, which one is CORRECT????

    PLEASE!!! explain the right use of COMPLAIN and COMPLAINT... Also, please list some examples containing those words. Thanks!!

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    Re: Proper use of "Complain" and "Complaint"

    Welcome, english001.

    COMPLAINS about the unnecessary noise :tick
    COMPLAINTS about the unnecessary noise

    Complain (no -t) is a verb, and complaint (with a -t) is a noun. For example,

    Max always complains about the unnecessary noise. <main verb>
    They always complain about the unnecessary noise. <main verb>
    They are always complaining about the unnecessary noise. <present participle>

    Max/They complained about... <past>
    Max/They will complain about... <future>
    Max/They would complain about... <modal>

    Max's complaint about the unnecessary noise is on your desk.
    Their complaint is on your desk.

    Does that help?

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