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    Use of because

    Is it wrong to use the term "because of"?

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    Re: Use of because

    Can you give an example that uses the term "because of"?

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    Re: Use of because

    I think this might help. From Common Grammar & Usage Errors

    Due to or Because of?

    Due to modifies nouns and is generally used after some form of the verb to be (is, are, was, were, etc.). Jan's success is due to talent and spunk (due to modifies success). Because of should modify verbs. Ted resigned because of poor health (because of modifies resigned).

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    Re: Use of because

    Thanks Casiopea... I learned from your post.

    I became popular because of you. (Does "because of" modifies became?)
    My sickness is due to fatigue. (Does "due to" modifies the word "sickness" since it's noun?)


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