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    In college, where I changed my subject of specialization as fast as I changed socks, Otto Frank was there for me. From dance to drama my dear distant `guidance counsellor' was much more tolerant than those at my university.

    I know `specialization' means to be special in something.

    But I can't understand `subject of specialization'.

    Also, what does `socks' mean here? [I know socks is one which we wear on our feet]

    Please you help me.

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    Re: specialisation

    In this case, the "subject of specialization" was the area in which the person was going to study in college. That is, what subject they would "major" in.

    Socks, as you mentioned, are the cloth foot coverings we put on before we don shoes. Many folks only wear a pair of socks one day, then throw them into the laundry pile and put on a fresh pair the next day. So this person changed his area of study the way some people change their socks. One day he was majoring in chemistry, the next day he decided that perhaps art was a better area of study for him.


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