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    about prepositions

    what is the difference between put off and take off

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    Re: about prepositions

    Quote Originally Posted by babygirl
    what is the difference between put off and take off
    • Put off = postpone
      The concert's been PUT OFF until next month because the singer's got a throat infection.
      Put off = stop liking something or somebody
      I was really PUT OFF by the way he eats with his mouth open.

    • Take off = make great progress
      The software house really TOOK OFF when they produced the latest version of their DTP package.
      Take off = reduce the price of an item
      They've TAKEN ten percent OFF designer frames for glasses.
      Take off = when a plane departs or leaves the ground
      The flight for Dublin TOOK OFF on time.

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    Re: about prepositions

    In addition, take off = to leave a place, especially in a hurry(informal)

    e.g. When he saw me coming he took off in the opposite direction.


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