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    I need a help in finding summaries for these articles
    The struggle for voice:narrative, literacy and consciousness in an East Harlem school by Michele Sola and Adrian Bennett

    Cross-cultural perspectives on literacy by Brian V. Street

    The legacies of literacy by Harvey Graff

    Orality and literacy:from the savage mind to wayes with words by James Paul Gee

    What no bedtime story means: narrative skills at home and school by Shirley Brice Heath

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    Re: articles

    Have you tried googling?

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    Re: articles

    well yea i have tried gogling but it sees that i dont know the right way for doing so. please help me on that

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    Re: articles

    Try these:

    First : try the author/s name/s

    Second : copy a part of the title and put into quotation marks in the search box (that works for the Sola and Bennett article)

    Third : the title or part of it in quotation marks plus the author.

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