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    Wink Urgent Request

    I've no problem describing and definig nominal and adjectival clauses, but when it comes to adverbial clauses, i find certain difficulties. They are somewhat fuzzy.
    (Am having an axam this monday, so please...)

    1) He likes (everyone) to be happy
    -Is "everyone" part of the clause?. I think it's the subject of the clause and so should be part of it.

    2) He is (as tall) as his grand father was
    - "As tall" is not part of the clause, isn't it?

    3) * She is (such a snobbish person that nobody likes to be with her).
    * His writing is (so small that i couldn't read it).
    - Here in both case the "That-clause" is an adverbial clause of result. Can the whole structre btw parenthesis be considered as an adverbial clause of degree? (so + adj + that...)

    4) I wonder if i should buy myself a new set of tires (before the bad weather sets in.)
    - Is the clause "before the bad weather sets in embedded within the first one" If i should.......sets in", or does the first clause ends with "set of tires"

    5)The test was ten times more difficult (than I expected)
    - What's the clause here? Is it the one underlined fuctioning as Cs or the one btw parenthesis Functioning as "adv clause of comparison"

    6) the stream of obscene languge was all the more strange coming from such an innocent-looking person.
    -Is it an adv cl of reason?

    7) I find it so boring to always be moaning
    - Is "it" part of the clause? what's it's function? is it Adjectival complement?

    8) Is it you opening the door or is it someone else?
    - I failed to detect the clause, help me.

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    Re: Urgent Request

    Sorry I'm answering this after your exam. I hope it went well. I am answering hoping this will be helpful in the future.
    1. Yes.
    2. It is because "" is a correlative adverb. (pairs of adverbs that are regularly used together to correlate and join clauses.)
    3. Yes. Test by saying, "to the degree at which"
    4. embedded
    5. Clause: than I expected. Clauses of degree are introduced by the relative adverbs than, as, that,and the. "Than" must always follow an adjective (difficult-PA) or an adverb in the comparative degree and must introduce an elliptical adverb clause containing an implied (never expressed) adjective or adverb in the positive degree. "it would be difficult" is the elliptical.
    6. Yes
    7. "it" is a DO, not part of the clause. "to always be moaning" is adj. comp.
    8. elliptical-"who is opening the door"
    Hope this is helpful.

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