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Thread: English tenses

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    English tenses

    If anyone has the reference book "Use of English" written by Mark Harrison, please turn it into page 17
    If nobody does, let me cite some lines:
    "Karen sat at her desk. She couldn't concentrate on her work because she_1_____ about Dave. They_2___ together for three years and she__3__ him more than any of her other colleagues. They_4___ an argument. They___5____talk about anything together-work matters or things that____6__ their private lives at the time. But now, everything____7_____"

    I wondered why 'But now" is here, because the passage used the past tense, but let's see the choice:
    a) has changed
    c) used to change
    d)had changed

    I picked d) for "But now", but I still confused if the sentence is right

    This passage is from one of my reference books, not assignments, I expected you to help because this book doesn't have a key.

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    Re: English tenses

    "now" indicates that you have moved into the present tense you can, therefore, not use "had" which indicates a perfect tense.

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    Re: English tenses

    So that's mean I have to pick c?

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    Re: English tenses

    The tense used throughout is past. The "now" is not really changing the tense of the passage; it is saying that after all the preceding statements, something has happened. It is prefatory or transitional, and indicates a change of subject or activity.

    So in my view the verb must be past tense and your selection would fit.

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