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    to speak good

    Hello teacher, i want to be expect in my speaking in english language so i really needed your advise to get the ruleto become a good student in my tone and asent in enlieh.

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    Lightbulb Re: to speak good

    u know what, i think u need to listen to some english news either on the tv or radio because in news people usually tend to use formal language and correct grammar and u could get the words easily because the talk a little slowly. watch some english movies and listen to songs while you are reading their lyrics.

    i think that could work !


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    Re: to speak good

    This might be a bit off topic but allow me to suggest something immensely useful if you're to write English on the internet.

    Use Mozilla Firefox.

    Firefox has an integrated corrector which underlines all of your spelling mistakes.

    The first thing you could do is to double check whatever your wrote to make sure you didn't make any mistakes. Looking for your mistakes and doing everything you can to correct them is probably the best way to learn a language (well one of the best).

    Look at your sentence from a Firefox perspective:

    You see, Firefox instantly underlines four mistakes right there. It's an invaluable tool to spot your mistakes and correct them. Right clicking on an underline word will give you the correct spelling. For example:

    Asmaa, remember to use the capitalized I and to type "you" instead of "u". It's really off putting to read SMS on a forum about English.

    There's a lot of tools out there. Don't be afraid to use them.
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    Re: to speak good

    Quote Originally Posted by Noego View Post
    Firefox has an integrated corrector which underlines all of your spelling mistakes.

    You live and learn - I use FF, and I thought the underlining was done by vBulletin. Now I know better.

    Of course, it doesn't avoid mistakes such as using "expect" instead of "expert". (

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