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Thread: Help With Pet

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    Help With Pet

    I Nedd Help With The Speaking Part Of Pet Exams!!

    Can Anyone Help?????

    Has Anyone Done The Pet Examination???????

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    Re: Help With Pet

    The speaking part of PET is divided into 4 parts and each part takes about 3 minutes:
    First Interview with the inteluctor
    Here you will be interviewed by the inteluctor, he will ask you questions about your life, interests etc. This is an easy part, it should help you to get rid of nervousity. Just YES or NO is not enough, try to answer with longer replies.
    Second Simulated situation
    Here you will be given a theme and you should discuss it with your partner and find solution or give suggestions. You work just with your partner. Donīt forget to give questions and make your own suggestions.
    Third Extended turn
    Here you will be given a picture and your task is to describe it. First start with the general then details. Describe it so that even if your partner doesnīt see the picture he will be able to know whatīs in the picture.
    Fourth General conversation
    Here you will discuss a theme from the previous task, here you can express your own experience, interests or points of view to this theme.

    You should better ask again if you donīt understand anything. It will not take you points off if you ask sometimes.

    Iīm going to take this exam on 1st June this year in the Czech republic. I wish you good luck and hope this will help a little bit.
    One hint - try to learn describing a picture, you can use pictures from newspaper or internet.

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