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    Need help with a certain expression

    Hi. I'm currently reading a book about a variety of scientific topics. I have come across a sentence that I don't understand and it bugs me. The book is translated from English to Dutch so I looked up the original sentence but still don't fully understand it. Here is the original English version:

    "The arguments for believing that the brightest galaxies in rich galaxy clusters will always have the same intrinsic brightness are less persuasive, but their redshifts can be measured and the assumption that they are all equally bright does at least yield a good account of Hubble's law."

    With the bold text being the part I'm having trouble with. Could someone explain this particular expression to me, with respect to the text?

    Here is my translation from the Dutch version:

    "Their redshift can however be calculated and the assumption that they are all evenly bright at least provides a good explanation for Hubble's Law."

    I have a feeling this Dutch translation of the last portion is not accurate. Does anyone have a good alternative to the original meaning?


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    Re: Need help with a certain expression

    Your translation of the Dutch translation seems to express the meaning of the original.

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    Re: Need help with a certain expression

    I'm guessing you're a buff as far as astronomy but for those of us out there who are reading this and are wondering what exactly is Hubble's law:

    "(astronomy) The principle that the distance of external galaxies from the earth is proportional to their redshift."

    (From - Online Dictionary, Encyclopedia and much more)

    I started reading the article but I feel asleep halfway through (joke )

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    Re: Need help with a certain expression

    Hm, if the translation really is correct then perhaps I have overlooked something somewhere, or perhaps the text just isn't that clear.

    Thanks for you help and input Anglika and Noego!

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