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    what do you think this dialogue?

    Please read the below short dialogue. What do you think an answer

    as a proper response?

    I don't understand the meaning of (A).. If you know the meaning,

    please let me know... Thank you..

    M: I hate going through ups and downs of a relationship.
    W: Whatís been happening between you and Janet lately?
    M: Itís hard to capture it in words, but her spontaneous changes in feelings are driving me nuts.
    W: __________________________________________________ _

    (a) Follow your guts and stand up to your feelings.
    (b) Would you like me to set up a blind date this weekend?
    (c) Thatís why I never try to get myself into a relationship.
    (d) You should move on before you get a bigger crush on her.

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    Re: what do you think this dialogue?

    "Follow your guts" means to listen to what your instincts are telling you.

    In this dialog, it seems that both C and D would be appropriate responses.

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