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    Exclamation expression

    I'm trying to do an english translation but I can't find a meaning for an expressiona I've found in the text I'm supposed to translate.
    The expression is: "no bull, no waffle".
    Can anyone explain what this means?
    Thank you

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    Re: expression

    Can you give a little more context? My first guess is that it means "He tells the truth and doesn't try to hide it, and once he makes up his mind, he stands firm." But ... it's hard to say without context.

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    Re: expression

    I agree that additional context would be helpful, however it sounds a bit like a slogan for a political campaign or political party. If so, I would understand it this way (basically the same as Barb):

    No bull: I/we tell you the truth rather than making misleading statements or telling lies

    No waffle: What I/we say and write is clear, unambiguous and definite.

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